Take This Survey for Your Chance to Win a $3,000 JB Hi-Fi Voucher

Chances are you’ve spent the last few months locked up at home, and bored out of your brains. Your TV has had a solid workout, you’ve played every video game from start to finish (thrice), and your speakers are making a static sound. Time for an upgrade.

We’re conducing a short survey to learn more about our audiences across Fandom. Once you get to the end, there’s a question for you to answer for your chance to win a $3000 JB Hi-Fi voucher.

If your life could mimic any movie, what would it be, which character would you be within the film and why?

The winner will be judged based on creativity. Please read the Terms and Conditions before you enter.

Fin Carew
Frequently confuse my origin story with that of Mowgli from Jungle Book. Into video games, movies, and TV shows; and has limited knowledge of proper semi-colon use. Once featured in a Top 50s list called ‘Love Men Sex’ but don’t ask.

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